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MD ID 573
Artefact Type COIN
Period IRON AGE C750 BC - 43 AD
Club Name
County Dorset
Country United Kingdom
Description Bronze Stater possibly from Durotriges tribe? Coin is about 16-18mm, it was found in a stubble field at about 6 inches deep, the soil was dark and moist compared with some of the other holes I dug in the field which were light brown dry and crumbling. One side of the coin is not in a good condition and the other side is not much better but has some detail, which has what looks like 6 dots in a upside down V and to the right of this what looks like a small circle with a dot inside. Think it has bronze disease. Coin has not been cleaned just a very light brush over with a tooth brush. Have sent pictures to my local flo for more confirmation.
Discovered 2021
Added 05/08/2021
Updated 14/08/2021
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