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MD ID 470
PAS ID NMS-368882
Artefact Type SEAL MATRIX
Period MEDIEVAL 500 - 1500 AD
Club Name
County Norfolk
Country United Kingdom
Description Medieval seal matrix, flat with median rib ending in pierced lug on reverse. Pointed oval (vessica shaped), 41x25mm. Arm in sleeve holding crozier with crescent moon to left and star to right. +CONTRAS' ABATI DE PONTE ROB'I* (Counterseal of the Abbot of Robertsbridge). The N's are retrograde. A counterseal (contrasigillum, Latham 1965, 112) wasimpressed on the reverse of the wax as a corroboration of the owner's principal seal. The Cistercian Abbey of Robertsbridge in Sussex was founded in 1176. A known early 13th century counterseal is not impressed with this matrix.
Discovered 2009
Added 09/04/2019
Updated 09/04/2019
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