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This FREE website has been set up as a place for metal detectorist's to upload and show their finds within an easy to use public searchable database. This database is open to view by everyone BUT your details and find spots will always remain completely protected and anonymous.

The more people that participate and contribute to this database the more useful it will become as a reference point helping everyone to identify their own finds and get the best out of the hobby we love.

Any finds you cannot identify simply become a registered user; post it up to see if other users can help add detail and understanding from the pool of knowledge.


  • Basic and Advanced search.
  • Upload images.
  • Optional add to our public search database.
  • Registered users can contribute on listed artefact's or help identify for other's.
  • Print reports of your find to hand to FLO with all required information. (Example Report Here)
  • Best used on a PC but is also mobile friendly.
  • Plus many other handy features...

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Portable Antiquities Scheme Website

PAS NOTE – Any finds classed as treasure, hoard, or has archaeological importance must be submitted through the official channels in the normal way. www.MDFinds.co.uk is a self-recording site and is not an alternative to the Portable Antiquities Scheme administered by your local Finds Liaison Officers when registering items covered by the Treasure Act 1996 found here.



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