About MD Finds

MD Finds has grown from an idea thought up by a group of detectorists wishing for a way to self- record their finds of all periods and type within a ‘real time’ quick and simple to use database.

Until this time the Portable Antiquates Scheme (PAS) has been the only FREE option open to most detectorists but the workload of the local Finds Liaison Officers (FLO) unfortunately sometimes makes this process to slow for those wishing to post up finds as they find them.

Within our small group we were lucky enough to have an IT consultant, who we charged with the job of creating an alternative database that was open for all but worked in tangent with PAS.

After weeks of development and streamlining the MD Finds database, a FREE to use self-recording database for the detectorist community, was born and is administered by enthusiastic volunteers.

Anyone, detectorists, historians, field walkers and the public can use the database to post up finds, research or identify relics and contribute their knowledge on items listed.

Since the initial website launch MD Finds has been received enthusiastically by all including official bodies including the PAS who are delighted that we have included a live feed search facility directly integrated with their database.

We are now looking for volunteer experts to help monitor the site by identifying artefacts listed on the site and advising on them. If you are interested in becoming involved as an expert, please contact us on email us on volunteer@mdfinds.co.uk.

Alternatively, you can contact us by writing to:

MD Finds
3 Fore Street
Budleigh Salterton
Devon EX9 7HB

Telephone: 07937430260
Email: admin@mdfinds.co.uk
Website: www.mdfinds.co.uk

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